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Careers in Law

We aim to provide our members with the best possible opportunities to further their careers in law. Make sure to check this page regularly for updates on our workshops, lectures and more!


Career Workshops

8 Feb 2022.  By Stephen Gurman

This is our first career workshop for the second term! During this workshop, we discussed how to qualify as a solicitor or barrister in England. This was particularly useful to those who were unable to attend the last career talk we hosted last year.

Career Talks

25 November 2021

GLS aimed to host an alumni career talk online where some alumni currently working in the legal field were invited to share with us their experiences and insights. The talk was about how UCL LLM alumni have used their experiences at UCL to shape and direct their careers. The talk also gave LLM students the opportunity to ask questions about employability and career options


Career Opportunities

Coming Soon...

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